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About Us

Persona Staff Recruitment is proficient in providing recruitment-related services across industry sub-sectors.

Engeline and her specialized team's spirited personalities, business, and leadership skills quickly became very apparent to all who had any contact with her and the team, and through their efforts and perseverance; Persona today is a reputable staffing firm in the Western Cape has built solid and lasting relationships with many valued clients. 

The superior service levels that we offer to our clients resulted in business growth to the point that we have expanded to double our size. 

Personnel boasts experienced consultants that have a broad understanding and widespread knowledge of the recruitment industry. Our dealings within the recruitment sector are legally compliant, and we operate according to globally aligned best practice standards.

Clients and candidates benefit from our structured understanding of the needs of these industries, backed by many years of experience through boom times and recessions.

We use effective and accurate job descriptions to recruit and retain the right person for the job. At Persona, we can create or review job descriptions so applicants and employees know what is expected of them which will result in an improved recruiting and retention process.

Our Services

  • All permanent staff recruitment, at all levels
  • In depth staff selection
  • Salary surveys
  • Comprehensive interviewing
  • Reference checks
  • Preparing of Job descriptions
  • HR Consultancy
  • ITC checks
  • Criminal checks
  • More services ...
  • Michelle van Wyk
    ‘’We believe hiring to be the most important first step towards the organization’s success.’’
    Michelle van Wyk
    Persona Staff
  • Engeline Hitchcock
    ‘’Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ‘’
    Engeline Hitchcock
    Persona Staff