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HR Auditing

A Human Resources Audit is a review of current Human Resources practices, policies, procedures, documentation and systems and will assist you to identify strengths and areas in need of improvement.   It will provide direction and recommend the courses of action to be taken to ensure compliance with ever-changing laws, rules and regulations.

Advantages of conducting a HR Audit:

  • Help a company ensure it’s in compliance with the law.
  • Improve capabilities in all aspects of HR.
  • Help businesses standardise processes.
  • Identify risk areas and
  • Identify possible areas for development.

Engeline Hitchcock

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HR Consulting

Persona specialises in providing customer centred, innovative and sustainable HR consulting services- to enable our clients to engage, develop and retain their talent.

HR Consulting benefits:

  • We Offer a full bouquet of HR Services.
  • We complement existing HR Capacity.
  • We understand business.
  • We see the bigger HR picture.
  • We offer excellent value for money.